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About Yvonne Daley

Yvonne Daley lives in San Francisco, where she is a Journalism professor at San Francisco State University, and Rutland, Vermont, where she directs the Green Mountain Writers Conference. This is her third book.

Yvonne Daley is also the author of Vermont Writers: A State of Mind, which explores Vermont’s literary history and the question of why this tiny state, located far from the centers of publishing, has attracted far more than its share per capita of the nation’s most engaging writers, people like Rudyard Kipling, Sinclair Lewis and Dorothy Thompson and more recently Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Grace Paley, Jamaica Kincaid, Julia Alvarez, Howard Frank Mosher, David Huddle, Verandah Porche, Chris Bohjalian and so many others. Part anthology, part writers’ toolbox, Vermont Writers: A State of Mind, is a book for readers and writers of any persuasion. The book is available from Amazon or for an autographed copy from the author by emailing me at 

Yvonne Daley also co-wrote An Independent Man, the biography of Senator James M. Jeffords, who gave up the longest held Republican Senate seat in 2001 to protest President Bush’s cuts to the education budget. Jeffords as Vermont Attorney General worked to create the nation’s first and still most stringent environmental protection laws and to establish Vermont as a no-billboard state. Not only does the book profile one of the last politicians who successfully reached across the aisle to find compromise in both the U.S. House and the Senate, but it outlines the demise of the moderate wing of the Republican party with fascinating chapters on Clinton’s impeachment, the October Surprise and allegations that the Reagan team orchestrated the late release of hostages from Iran in order to win the Presidential election against former President Jimmy Carter. It is available from Amazon. 

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