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Yvonne, I cannot stop reading this book! 🙂 I tried to do chores the other day but repeatedly found myself with my nose in Octavia Boulevard. “I’ll just read this short section and then go back to work…” quickly proved to be an impossible concept. Even though the world you create on your pages takes place on the very streets I frequent daily, the daily world of Daley is one I keep wanting to return to — the characters you introduce and paint with such life and color I feel as if I know them, your trips to the cafe and the discussions held there, I just can’t get enough. I’ve been very restless lately and it’s been a challenge to find a book that holds my attention. Congratulations to you and your wonderful book for doing what others couldn’t!

Kyveli Diener, journalist.

It is as if you are here reading this to me!

Sasha Mordecai, poet, teacher, bartender.

“Octavia Boulevard has captivated me! Even at the forward, I was transported to the 60’s and provided a glimpse of my own life then. After reading it, I had to read it again aloud to Andrea and she was drawn in as well. I’m on my patio in the Florida sunshine and regret that I have to leave this book to go to work. The writing is superb (no surprise), the characters are an artist’s dream come true and the story is universal. Forget the politics. Does it matter? The book is aces!!!”

Carol Virga, reader, athlete, businesswoman.

At the halfway mark, Yvonne. It is such a fascinating book! Thank you for all your efforts! You really are a beautiful writer!!

Janice VanDyke, world traveler, music lover, reader

“I’m loving the book wishing I had more time to read”

Theresa Trepanier Jones, reader, connoisseur of people, food and friendship.

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  1. Linda Watson permalink
    July 31, 2011 11:29 pm

    What Hemmingway’s “Moveable Feast” does for Paris, “Octavia Boulevard” does for San Francisco. Meet the people, taste the food, delight in the life of the city often called the “Baghdad by the Bay”. Yvonne Daley has succeeded in painting a true picture of San Francisco, with all of its beauties and eccentricities.

    L. Watson, Librarian, SFPL

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